Cardio Challenge

OK, next challenge! I am going to participate in a 5k in April for a color dash and figured I better work on my cardio or I won’t be able to finish. I am not sure how I will really measure the success of this aside from getting less winded and maybe burning a few lbs but I also am losing weight still from watching my food intake. I only have 7.5 lbs left to goal so maybe I can reach that by the end of February.



24 Day Ab Challenge

So since 1/1 I have been committed to completing this challenge. I can’t take photo credit because someone reposted this in the forums I frequent for the birth club for my son but it definitely works you as it progresses. I am not going to lie, towards the end I was praying for it to stop… I can feel how much stronger my abs are though so I know the effort was worth it.

Here are my personal results!


You can check out what the other moms in my birth club thought too here.



One of the first things everyone does after January first is join a gym or start a diet to lose weight. After I had my son I was determined to get my body back to at least where I was before I got pregnant, though I was larger then than I wanted to be. I didn’t want to diet. I had minimal time with a newborn to exercise. I discovered the Myfitnesspal (MFP) app and suddenly the possibilities became endless! With MFP I could eat what ever I wanted, just in moderation. I could totally enjoy that yummy piece of chocolate cake… as long as I was good the rest of the day and ate healthy. This app even shows you the percentage breakdown of the types of calories you eat with recommendations to eat 50% carbs, 30% fat, and 15% protein. So I was able to focus my protein if that number was a little low that day.

I have so far successfully lost 24 lbs tracking with that app… I have shocked myself with how easy the loss has been. The first two weeks are rough adjusting to eating less, but now my appetite has adjusted to how much I typically eat. What’s even better is that this app tracks exercise too so if I am really active one day, I can splurge on an extra goodie. Now I am not only below my prepregnancy weight, I am approaching my wedding weight that I never thought I would see again. (:

So here is my philosophy… they say weight loss is 70% diet. Working out and dieting left me super hungry and cranky. I decided to stop doing insanity and focus on just my food. I also had to make sure I ate at least 1200 cals a day. at first I would eat too little and get frustrated when I didn’t see the scale move. I breastfed as well so I had to add an additional 500 cals a day to my diet. Once I figured out the magic combination, wha la! Weight loss!

So my secret to success has been not restricting myself from what I want. I can still enjoy that chocolate cake. All I need to do is adjust my daily diet to accommodate. It also has a pretty awesome bar code scanner which makes logging food a lot easier. Woo for modern technology! The best part? It’s totally free!


New Year’s Resolutions

This year, my resolution isn’t to lose weight. It isn’t to hit the gym. My resolution is to be the best me I can be, as a mom, as an individual, as a wife. My resolution is to be confident in myself; to set boundaries to balance my work and my family. But most of all, my resolution is to find my “me”.

This last year, I was given the best gift possible… a son. For 2 years my husband and I tried to start our family and struggled with the frustration of TTC. My hormones were off, I couldn’t lose weight, and my emotions were everywhere. Finally (and thankfully), with the help of a reproductive endocrinologist (RE), we got pregnant. In August our miracle baby was born!

Since he has arrived I have been searching to find myself in my new role and identity in life. I think I am just starting to see the woman I was meant to become. This new “promotion” has been such an incredible journey. I am happier than ever as a mom and more tired then I could ever imagine… strange how you can function on 4 hours of sleep a night.

This blog will be my musings regarding my health and my family. I have been on a fitness kick and I don’t want to stop there. I want to look and feel my best, inside and out. So if your interested, enjoy the read. This is not for anyone but me or anyone who thinks they can relate.